Kareem K.W.O.E. Wells deeply moves the TEDxChicago audience with his raw and uncensored life story presented in spoken word and rap. Kareem grew up in a tough neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago, where he sold drugs starting at age 15. Now a successful musician, DJ, and role model, he shares his message of hope. Driven by the greater good and fueled by a love of music, Kareem “K.W.O.E.” Wells is an entrepreneur, an artist and a motivator. In the past decade, K.W.O.E. has been the force behind redefining bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, creating dozens of jobs, and inspiring thousands of young people to persevere through life’s challenges and pursue peace and unity with their peers. K.W.O.E. is equally recognized for his good deeds at community anti-violence events. Through the K.W.O.E. Hope Foundation, he partners with nonprofit organizations, public schools, and community groups to inspire children and teens with his music and his life story.