Kareem K.W.O.E. Wells is more than the naked eye reveals. Rarely without his trademark black baseball cap emblazoned with his nickname K.W.O.E., he is fashionable and fit, an African-American man and father, and a proud Chicago native. But there’s so much more to him. Kareem came of age on the streets and without a father in his life; he dropped out of high school, became a teen dad, sold drugs and seemed doomed to becoming nothing more than a cliché on the rough and tumble west side of Chicago. However, he had the fortitude to hold tightly to faith for what was possible. Today, K.W.O.E. runs a successful, 12-year-old entertainment company, Flow Entertainment, and the K.W.O.E. Foundation. K.W.O.E.’s life story has been captured locally in Chicago Magazine and on “The Jam” TV show, and he has gained national attention via CNN’s Great Big Story. His emotional, truth-filled lyrical presentation wowed a live audience during the most recent TEDxChicago conference.

Stay tuned for some exciting Stories projects! Kareem K.W.O.E. Wells has signed a major deal with an LA-based production company. He is also completing his first written work.

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